Naming. Why are names so important? Every year more than 20,000 products are introduced in the supermarkets alone. However, 80% of all new products introduced in the market will last for less than three years. About half of these fail because they are not marketed properly. They fail to reach their target markets effectively. In today’s crowded marketplace, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract customers’ attention. An average individual may be exposed to 3,000 commercial messages each day, so it is not surprising that only 23% of television viewers can recall a given commercial 24 hours after they view it. A name that commands attention enhances recognition and brand awareness, and research has consistently shown high correlation between brand awareness and market share.

Logos. Logos offer several advantages. First, one of the most pervasive findings, in research on effects of pictures and words, is that logos are more memorable than their verbal counterparts. Logos involve visual images, which are easier to learn than words. The “golden arches” are much more easily noticeable than the McDonald’s name. Second, unlike words, pictures have a fairly consistent interpretation across cultures. Prudential’s “Rock of Gibraltar” conveys a feeling of strength and stability in all languages. Thus, in a marketplace that is becoming increasingly global, logos offer the additional benefit of use in other countries without any modifications. Third, consistent use of a distinctive logo provides additional promotion for the product. The Campbell Soup Company estimates that “the average shopper views its red and white cans in supermarkets 76 times a year…making the well-known name and package equivalent in value to $26 million in advertising.” Finally, logos offer added legal protection.

Taglines. There is a limit to what a single word or a symbol can convey. Thus, taglines are useful in elaborating a brand’s identity. “It pays to discover” very aptly conveys the main selling point of Discover card. Similarly, “The ultimate driving machine” captures the excitement and quality of BMW.

We create names, logos, and taglines based on sound scientific research, and not on unproven whims.

Testing. While we can evaluate each of the three elements of a brand’s identity, name testing is a very useful service. We use our proprietary Five Star CheckTM to test the efficacy of brand and corporate names.

We also provide branding research and corporate identity services.

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